Frugal Dad, IWJ, WIC – What do they have in common?

frugal dad

You know you’re starting to make an impression when a huge website like Frugal Dad sends you a personal email and asks you to include something on your site. Not only that, but from a marketing perspective, making friends with sites listed in top 10,000 in the U.S. isn’t a bad thing either! Glad they reached out!

The IWJ posted an article, in our February issue and online, about the strength of breastfeeding. It’s a focused talking point of WIC of Central District Health. They are wanting moms to know breastfeeding is the best for baby whenever possible. Frugal Dad found our article and asked us, and gave permission, to post information they found on breastfeeding.

Just snuggling like spoons, it seems great minds like WIC and Frugal Dad are aligned here. The show stopper data is that 49% of moms feel pricey formula is better for baby than breast milk – wow!


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