About Us

Welcome to the Idaho Women’s Journal!

The Idaho Women’s Journal (IWJ) is a bimonthly publication for professional and business women throughout the Treasure Valley. Why focus on women? Because women are major consumers in today’s market – it is widely accepted that 80 cents of every dollar spent is done so by a woman. From daily expenses to major investments, women’s influence on the marketplace is vast.

Women business owners are the fastest growing segment of American business, and women make an average of 80% of the purchasing decisions in their households, including health care. The Idaho Women’s Journal is dedicated to helping these women make educated business and purchasing decisions. Our editorial content focuses on issues important to you – the business and professional women of the Treasure Valley. In each issue, we also spotlight a woman who demonstrates creative leadership in her community and profession, and inspires us to higher aspirations.

In addition, we have a unique collaboration with our advertisers to provide insight, information and solutions to women in Idaho they can’t get anywhere else. Our educational advertising format allows professionals and business owners to create a more personal and nuanced connection to our readers, and it enables our readers to better understand whom a professional or business owner is before contacting them.


“I love my partnership with the Idaho Women’s Journal. Our decision to advertise to this strategic market has been a wise investment. I frequently hear responses in regards to our material in the Journal – which tells me it’s widely read. I would recommend to any business that markets to women to consider it.” Jennifer Deroin, VP and Relationship Services Officer, Intermountain Community Bank.

“My experience with the Idaho Women’s Journal has been great for my business. My advertising has attracted all types of women that either needed a whole new beauty regime or a different look. It has been fun to connect with a diverse group of women and help them develop their unique style.” Maria Hogan, stylist, Oliver’s Salon

“The Women’s Journal offers an interactive way of getting your products and services in front of consumers. They bundle advertising, networking, and problem solving meetings with mini trade shows. To get the most for your dollar I highly recommend in advertising and then attending their FREE meetings.” Kay Johnson, President, Dream Chocolate

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