We’d love to have you join the largest women in business group in Idaho!

We have lots to offer someone interested in moving business forward. However, advertising is an essential part of the IWJ offerings. If you’re interested in playing with the IWJ…we’re thrilled. To contact someone, scroll to the bottom of the page for contact information. To move ahead without waiting for me, our media kits are right below with links.

ANNOUNCING: While you’re looking, keep in mind, we offer GUARANTEED PROGRAMS! Do you want to be seen by 10,000 on social media – done AND you’ll get an add alongside it. That’s just an example of what magic we offer. We offer expert PR packages, step on stage with a headliner guaranteed program, and many others. You need to plugin to play.


Click here for IWJ & Gem State Family Media Kit

Click here for Idaho Women’s Journal Media Kit

Demographics & Distribution

Our target market is business and professional women between the ages of 30-65 who refuse to deny they have a life! We distribute 10,000 copies bi-monthly. To ensure our advertisers get maximum exposure, we pick up and distribute directly to area neighborhoods all magazines that were not picked up at one of our 200 plus locations.

Other Benefits

  • You get 8 weeks of coverage instead of the typical 1-4 weeks of most publications.
  • Participation in our bi-monthly networking events. All advertisers can set up a display table and are invited to do an elevator pitch on their business. We encourage teaching sound bites.
  • Your articles and ads are on our website, and we provide an active link from our website from yours. Our readers can access articles through our archives.
  • Social Media! We are active on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In where we post your articles, contact information, and link to your website. We will also post any special events or important updates.
  • Benefit by gaining access to an informed and discerning readership – the women of the Treasure Valley!

What Your Community is Saying About Us

“Women earn and own more today than at any previous time in record history – and their financial power is accelerating”.
Marti Barletta

“I love my partnership with the Idaho Women’s Journal. Our decision to advertise to this strategic market has been a wise investment. I frequently hear responses in regards to our material in the Journal – which tells me it’s widely read. I would recommend to any business that markets to women to consider it.”
Jennifer Deroin, VP and Relationship Services Officer, Intermountain Community Bank.


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