Superstar Sales Person

As a magazine publisher of a Idaho women’s magazine, we’re looking for someone who can attract magazine advertisers and sponsors using their own stellar leads and isn’t afraid of cold calls if warm leads run out. There are several levels, and a sales person would know how to package the deals that make the best sense for the advertiser and this company. I want someone who will look at the concept, give input to the best way to package the deals, and then run with it. There will be boundaries, reporting, but no micro-managing afterwards, so if you are not self-disciplined and self-motivated, this isn’t for you. If you don’t perform you don’t get paid. Sorry, no base pay yet…that comes with proven track performance.

Send me a resume, a summary of the most recent sales performance project you spearheaded, and the number of business leads you have true access to…email:

20 – 35% commission

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