6 Things Your Office Needs

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6 Things Today’s Office Needs

Deborah Sweeney

The environment in which a woman works completely plays in to the type of work she will get done. Decorating your office is all about creating the vibe you want to work in. Do you need bursts of bright colors to amp up your energy or are you the type to place a little bamboo plant right next to your computer as a reminder to take a moment to breathe throughout the day?

The overall feel of every person’s office should reflect what type of worker they are, but the actual amenities of the office should be more or less the same.
Here are 6 items every modern office needs:
1) Label Maker

I don’t care what kind of work you’re doing; which industry you work in, organization is top priority. A label maker is just about the easiest way to get organized I can think of. With every file, notebook, container, etc. labeled just imagine all the time you will save in your day by avoiding sifting hopelessly through drawers. You can also make your labels with fun colors or different designs based on whichever ‘office vibe’ you’re going for. This labeler, in particular, just plugs right in to your computer and prints whichever fonts/colors/designs you can come up with on your preferred writing program.

2) Post-Its

These little puppies help me get through my weeks! I’m a very list oriented person- whenever I have a free moment in the day I turn straight to my ‘short-term to-do list’ in order to fill my free moments with something I‘ve found important enough to get done that day. Post-Its are tasteful and a great and colorful (coordinated or not) nudge to help you remember what it is you should be remembering!

3) Pen Organizer

Opposed to a drawer, a little circular pen-holder on the top of your desk allows for especially easy access to your writing utensils. You can see right away which pen you’re reaching for and all that you have available. Plus, you could swap out an office-y looking pen holder for a personal mug or cup- it all does the same job.

4) Whiteboard Calendar

iPhone or Microsoft Outlook calendars work just fine, but I really like having my month laid out in front of me in an open space that I can easily look at. And with a whiteboard calendar, you can make changes and add tasks just as easy as you can dry erase them away. Plus, you never have to get a new one- you start clean with a new slate at the beginning of every month.

5) Earbuds

Let’s face it: cubicles are by no means noise proof. Sometimes you need to drown out everyone else out just to get some work done, whether with an upbeat song on Pandora or a jazzy, accompaniment piece to help you focus. You can even invest in some noise-cancelling ear phones if you are really serious about removing yourself from all the office chatter.

6) Picture Frame

Just a simple reminder from your loved ones why it is you work so hard.











Deborah Sweeney is the CEO of MyCorporation, an online filing services company that specializes in incorporations and LLCs. Find her online at mycorporation.com and on Twitter @deborahsweeney and @mycorporation.

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  2. Heather says:

    Hi Summer- Heather here, I work as Deborah Sweeney’s social media manager and helped to brainstorm an idea for the post. No affiliation with Staples actually- we just thought it would be a fun and breezy topic to talk on! Glad you liked it!

  3. Karleen says:

    From Summer Dawson to my private email!

    Loved your article. I’m a nut for office articles. Do you work for Staples or something? What made you decide to write this? It was fun and I felt validated! Especially with the headphones deal! I may have to get the white board calendar!

  4. Karleen says:

    I love this business woman… well worth her treasures of information!

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