Cash Mobs, a Local Movement – Is it Coming to Idaho?

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Talked with two people yesterday in the IWJ’s How to Get Published workshop about this topic. Basically, big bubba box store luring the local consumer translates to the little gal losing her local buyer. Well, there are organizations congregating to counteract that giant. The movement is called “Cash Mobs” and it works through a grassroots campaign to rally local consumers to flood a small business with purchases on a given day.

On a specific day, local consumers decide to spend a minimum of $20 at a specific and local store. Sounds like a swelling movement with many states jumping on board.

Although the two I spoke with yesterday were not part of this, it definitely seems something that might fit with them!!

See the online article posted below

Shop owners might fear a mob congregating outside the door, but don’t be scared if you’re the target of a “Cash Mob.” Organized as a reaction to behemoths like Target that lure business from the little guys, cash mobs support local stores by flooding them with shoppers. The mobs organize on Facebook pages such as “Muskegon County Cash Mobs” and create buzz online and in old-fashioned media such as newspapers and radio (yes, they still exist). Participants commit to spending at least $20 at a particular shop, show up and spend. The movement plays off the “flash mob” concept, and cash mobs have been organized in 32 states and Canada since last year.











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