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graphic stockThe Problem

You can think of a dozen women that you know that have started their own business. But can you think of many women who invest in business, especially high-growth entrepreneurship? How many ladies can you think of that invest in start-up corporations, ones that will give them a really big return on their money? Probably not many.

The Question

The Small Business Administration (SBA) and the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) noticed this problem, and together they want to do something about it. But how do we get more women interested in, trained for and able to run with the big dogs of investing?

Finding the Answer

To find out, the SBA and NWBC are holding a series of round-table talks nationwide from now until May of 2015. And this isn’t just talk: the first meeting already happened in New York City on October 16. They talked about women getting into financial careers, especially investing.

The meetings are going to be between about 20 SBA and NWBC reps and investors and fund managers. They’ll talk about how to increase not only the number of women investors out there, but how lady business owners can have better access to investment money to help their businesses. Sounds like a pretty excellent plan, huh?

Get Ready!

I bet you’re wondering what this means for you. It means that when you talk to your friendly local SBA branch next year they going to have more than a few new tips, tricks and programs designed by experts to help you get smart about money, investing in serious high-return ventures and how to draw money into your business.

And Get More

Learn more! Go to the Small Business Association’s website and the National Women’s Business Council website to learn about this great new endeavor and find out how it’s going to help you and the women you know.

If you want to talk right now to a real business opportunity specialist about this program or SBA in general, take a look at Larry’s information below.

Larry Demirelli, SBA Boise District Office (208) 334-9636

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