What is the Klout Score?

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For those looking to get noticed for their Klout, Klout.com might be the answer.

Karleen Andresen

If you’ve ever wanted credit in the valley of social networking, Klout may be the vehicle to travel. Many, especially women, make their life as a social roamer spending hours on the Internet. Today, with the help of Klout, you may get benefits for all that time lost in cyber spheres.

Klout is the new social score, called a Klout score, that measures your ability to influence others on the cyber scene. Klout works in the circle of the big three social channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It also has FourSquare, YouTube, Instagram, Timblr, Blogger, WordPress, Last.fm, and Flickr.

Klout’s algorithm is a complex coding made up of 35 variables like posting, reposts, retweets, clicks, comments, and lists to name a few. Klout calculates billions of data points on a daily bases, which means your scores can rise and fall with sharpness. On the outside Klout scores are speculative, a guessing game on what will turn Klout on. In a single day, my score rose 50 points then dropped more than 20 the next day. This happened as I put in different pages of my Facebook or added and deleted other sites. Klout seemed to like my personal Facebook page over the business page. However, it’s about influence and not a pounding of “please like my page” requests.

Being active is different than being influential, so says the site. Looking at the count of retweets, likes, or comments isn’t the only driver of this engine. A person’s power also includes how much content is created compared to the amount of engagement generated. To get maximum distance, determine which accounts to enter by opening an account, adding your social channels, then making changes and looking for the score change. It can take a day to get a new score, but the right changes can lead to perks.

Yes, there are perks to having Klout.

Klout makes a big deal of privacy and states in triplicate they will not give your information away. That said, brands cannot target based on private data; they simply set high-level requirements for the perk. For example a brand like Hewlett-Packard may set a Klout score of 90 to receive a laptop. Hewlett Packard does not receive your information; that’s a perk. Instead Klout will do the mailing for HP, and if that’s not a perk, making a public review of the product is not required either. Some of the other perks include discount on sites like Moo.com, headphones from Sony, $50 for Dick’s Sporting Goods, and passes to visit the set of Dallas. If you do decide to make a public statement or review the experience or product, you must disclose it was a freebie under the Klout Code of Ethics. This is a great boost, but some may say they’re promoting others out of the kindness of their heart. Weather it’s a lie or literal, Klout has another angle to appeal to the basic needs outlined by Maslow.

That need to belong is the next fitting of Klout. Based on your social channels, Klout will isolate a person to topics of expertise or “influence”. When I first signed up on Klout, I was bannered with seven topics of influence. When I deleted some social channels and added others, my area of expertise decreased to one topic, blogging. A User can add more targeted topics, but it comes as they are recognized by their peers. The way to help boost another’s influence is easy. Visit someone’s topics section and click on the orange +K next to the topic. If this is done, it’s considered courteous to reciprocate. As other Klout members recognized me, it gave me “credits”, and I was able to “add” topics to my profile of influence. Five +k credits gave me two additional topics I could add. This is the power of having growing Klout.

For social travelers, this could be a method to monetize your interactions, even in gifts and giveaways. To see your Klout score, it requires a user registration and then linking your social sites (they don’t have pinterest) to Klout. It can take the Klout site a day to generate an actual score.


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  1. Surprisingly, I have become one of those women who is on internet social sites every day. I have a Klout score of 57. I have found that these social websites are a great way to keep in touch with current and potential customers and it also reinforces the relationships created over the years. I like how the personal interaction helps you learn about your customers. I am not on very many sites that the article speaks of, yet may have to check into them.

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