Best Places to Be a Woman – Did the U.S. Rank?

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In celebration of International Women’s Day happening Thursday, March 8, the IWJ found an interesting article on Yahoo!. The article covers the best and worst places to be a woman.

  • For example, according to United Kingdom’s Independent magazine, South Sudan has less than 20 midwives to serve the entire country making the idea of baring children there a ‘worst than dirt’ concept.
  • The literacy rate for women outrank men in Lesotho; you go ladies!
  • Rwandan women dominate 56 percent of parliamentary seats.
  • Thailand has the most female “top dogs” boasting 45 percent senior managers.
  • Japanese women live longer than other countries including the U.S.
  • And the overall best place to be a woman… (drum roll) Iceland!

So where does the United States rank “best” in for woman? Again, drum roll please…. an athlete!! The United States is the best place to be a female athlete!


I will quote from the article: Five of the top 10 highest paid female sporting athletes in 2011 were from the United States.

To read the entire article, click here

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