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Because we know how women in business are (movers and magic makers), it’s difficult to get you to stop and stand still…for your own good. You need a business plan

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Most of you do not, repeat, do not have a business plan. Many of you don’t think you need one (been there, done that). If you are planning a loan any time in the future, if you want to make sure you’ve thought though the details and haven’t missed any, if you want to know the strategy to revenue, if you want to know what a strategic alliance might look like, we’ve found the program for you!!

Business Plan Sign Showing Mission And OrganizingVila Business Academy offers 20 online video and workbook series that walks you right into your business plan. Here are some highlights!

  • Created by a woman in business who traveled the world training for one of the top computer companies in the world
  • Work at your own pace – 20 modules, 20 videos, 20 workbooks
  • We’ve shaved off $100 of the price to the price listed.
  • It’s a tested program
  • Available 24/7/365

We believe every business needs:

  • The business
  • Ongoing motivation
  • A business plan option
  • Financial training

We offer all of them here.

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