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Don’t Be Kicked by Norovirus

Don’t Be Kicked by Norovirus Central District Health: WIC The Norovirus is most commonly identified as a stomach flu, but it is not related. The one thing the stomach flu and Norovirus have in common is that it kicks you […]

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Photo Hugs Kit

36-Seconds to Family Fitness

36 Seconds for Family Fitness Download both of these cute patterns immediately - click here or see below Shannon Christensen A single three seconds applied several times a day creates a

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Returning Veterans to Entrepreneurship – SBA

Operation Boots to Business Returning Veterans to Entrepreneurship By Calvin W. Goings U.S. Small Business Administration Each year, 250,000 service members make the transition from military service to civilian life. In fact,

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Fortune Cookie Day – Free Printable to Continue Good Karma

Fortune Cookies and Freedom! Shannon Christensen In celebration of Fortune Cookie Day, at the bottom of this page is a free download to tell someone about their good karma. Opening a

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Summer Precautions for Seniors!

Summer Precautions for Seniors Assisting Angels Idaho The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention say elders, ages 65 years and older, are more prone to heat related illness including

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Sun Safety Today

Sun Safety WIC - Department of Health and Welfare (for all families) Winter's chill melts into sunny days and active ways. It's time to break out the baseball bats, fishing

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Color Psychology

Color Psychology Sue Macartney Next time you're wondering what kind of energy you are giving OR receiving, think about what is surrounding you....or the color you're wearing: Red attracts the most

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Easy Lunchboxes – Product

Mornings spent in chaos making breakfast, beds, & lunch boxes? The EasyLunchbox System helps families organize and quickly pack healthy lunches without wasting money, time, paper or plastic. No more wasteful baggies and mismatched plastic containers to

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MADD National President Hopes for Her Term

Karleen Andresen The Idaho Women's Journal was invited to attend a meet-and-greet event sponsored by Idaho Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD). It was at the Owyhee Hotel where the

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Come Alive Adventure Seekers – Idaho play

Awake to Summer Adventures Stephanie Mullani Spending time outdoors and connecting to nature are great for health, yet many in still find it hard to unplug from technology and leave