Mission of the Financial Literacy Program:

To provide business owners the financial information they need, when they need, the way they want it. It’s financial information at your fingertips.

iStock_000020447708XSmall(1)The more an entrepreneur is told they can’t, the more they drive forward, right? This is especially true when it comes to money. How many of you started on a shoestring without thought to what would happen in six months or a year? Research tells us 75 percent of businesses are going to fail (toasted) in their first five years. Many of those will be gone before the celebration of their third year in business. Examining the root of the reason, money is almost always the case: the lack of, the failure to generate it, the naivety when it comes to break-even analysis and costs, pride, and in many cases, not knowing where to go to get help.

That is where this Financial Literacy program comes in! This project has been put together by the Idaho Women’s Journal to assist you if you refuse to fail!

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THANK YOU TO THESE PROJECT PARTNERS (think of them when you want to talk about business and money)


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