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I am a marketing degree with a magazine and a business column. If you begin research something, you want to know who’s behind it, and I agree. So when your interested, here’s some information about the publisher, Karleen Andresen (without the skeletons).

I’ve owned my own business for more than 20 years ranging from direct sales where I was nationally recognized for top sales, to a concierge company, and finally a public relations/marketing company focusing on start ups, turnarounds, and impact projects. I’ve worked with organizations from starving to tens of millions of dollars in revenue; from desperate to deliberate…and loved them all.

The Idaho Women’s Journal was just that kind of company that draws you in….or drew this woman in. My company was contracted by its owners to “see what’s going on.” In PR language, that is code for “help.” The contract lasted two months, and I knew. The owners determined that neither wanted to “own” a business. In their wisdom, they wanted to let it go. They approached and asked if I wanted to take the magazine over. “Well shoot” I thought, “of course I do!”

Being the publisher of a women’s magazine is an ideal fit for a marketer.I can push aside the bureaucracy and help people get noticed, positioned, and ultimately generate revenue if they want to work. However, because I’m a marketer my reputation matters too. I promote properly, position precisely, and pitch with passion.

Many have asked if I work on the side. Of course I offer marketing contracts. Spend about four minutes to learn more from the video below.


In the meantime, marketing matters.


Karleen Andresen (KarleenAndresen@gmail.com)


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