9 Tips to Save Gas

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9 Additives to Save on Gas

Four letter words aren’t being used on annoying drivers as much as it is on gas gouging prices. Regardless of what is being said in the political climate: other countries are drilling in our waterways… we have plenty on American soil… or “it’s not our fault” the fact remains we must still buy to drive.

To fill up a compact car like a Ford Focus it costs about 45 dollars. SUVs like Jeeps and Suburbans, and trucks like Dodge Ram, drain the pocketbook at 70 and 100 dollars for a tank of gas. Here are 9 additives to save on gas:

  1. Adjust driving habits: The law of force = mass x acceleration, or physics states cars use more gas in acceleration. Avoid the repeated practice of speeding up and braking in traffic. Try to maintain a steady pace to salvage gas. The same goes for hybrids.
  2. Limit the air conditioner: There are days and locations where this is less practical; however, turning off the air conditioning five minutes before your destination will reduce fuel use. Park in the shade if possible to reduce the amount of energy used to cool the car upon your return. If possible roll down the window a crack while parked to allow air movement and cooling.
  3. Using the cruise control steadies fuel consumption.
  4. Empty the trunk of heavy, non-essential items.
  5. Keep tires inflated to the listed levels. It reduces the space of the tire on the road limiting friction.
  6. Use the right motor oil because using the wrong grade can increase tension in the engine.
  7. Reduce drag by removing luggage, bike, and ski racks when not in use.
  8. Carpool and combine errands to limit how frequent your car is on the road.
  9. Ground the car once a week: Choose one day per week there will be no errands, outings, or “emergency” trips. Doing this once a week could save more than 400 dollars annually.


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  1. Great tips we can all benefit from!

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