Back or Broken: Returning from lower back pain

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Back or Broken: a story of returning from low back pain

Valoree Yates

Low back paid kept Emma from fun activities and interrupted sleep. Family camping trips stopped. Missed basketball games for her son mounted. Unable to sit or stand with bearable pain meant more time off work and reduced income. Most important, it wreaked havoc in her intimate relationship with her husband both physically and emotionally. She tried everything; chiropractic appointments, hours of massage, and even steroid shots in her back, but nothing brought relief. To add insult to her pain, she was medically advised to “Learn to live with it.” Feeling the insurmountable pain and challenge, Emma found depression.

Emma’s story is a bit uncommon, but not as unique as you might think. People walk around with pain as if it is the price of doing business and life. In Emma’s case, she found relief in a massage type program that focuses on the pressure points in the face and feet. There are few certified to provide this service, but it is available, and well worth the $30 to $70 investment per session. Just as any practice, there will be more sessions at the beginning, but can taper off to on demand.

In the meantime, there are self-help options for those who need immediate resolve.

  1. Keep moving – walk for 5-10 minutes every few hours; walk on level surfaces
  2. Stretch daily – lay down on your back and stretch your arms above your head and point your toes
  3. Use a massage oil like peppermint to reduce inflammation and pain
  4. Avoid sitting or standing in one place for long periods of time
  5. Take breaks and do deep breathing to try and relief pressure
  6. Reduce stress where you can

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