Deal With Wonder Woman Syndrome

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Dealing With Wonder Woman
Kim Lewis

Wonder Woman, the weekly super-character of the 80’s, extracts ideals of stunning beauty, invincible physical strength, mental brilliance, always appearing as the solution and the ability to juggle all things under the most dire of circumstances. While those were fun to see on a weekly basis, so many women believe that success is defined by their ability to do everything and be everything to everyone.  The Wonder Women syndrome is soooo last century.  Begin today with yourself. Do away with the “Wonder Woman syndrome,” and give yourself a fresh start using these suggestions:

Take off the cape. Unless you are making a fashion statement or using it as a Halloween costume, don’t tote the big bulky cape around. It just doesn’t fit in the car with all the other things women really do.

Burn the outfit. That character was beautiful to the eye, but true physical beauty is in how we treat ourselves. The Wonder Woman outfit looks stiff, hides the tenderness inside and doesn’t bode well at a business meeting or the family dinner table. Plus, think of the space it takes in the closet. Begin the new year being good to yourself: eat healthy, find time to exercise, talk a walk with a girlfriend or read a paragraph from a favorite book.

Forget the armbands. The suffrage of women was fought in the 1920s so be free. Dazzle always, form friendships, set and live by priorities, seek knowledge openly and thrive with passion.

The boots? Well, no need to be held to one design or one stereotype. Today, remove them like shedding the epidermis and pull on a new pair of diva style moccasins that distinctively says “Me”.

Give the former Wonder Woman a gentle nudge and tell her to get on board or get off the train. Today, you can represent the woman in you with liberty and freedom. Take your walk into the new year with a revised fashion statement, a spa treatment, a trip to the fruits and veggie isle at the grocery store and a seat at the next education event in a refreshed style. Head toward (more) abundance and living a full life.

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