Have an Energtic Summer Tips

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How to Have the Best Summer Ever!

Dr Yvonne Fedewa, www.ELifeBoise.com

Soak up Some Sun. E15198878_mver notice how in the winter, people in general have lower energy, less spunk and more down days? That is because the lack of sunlight leads to the number one vitamin deficiency, Vitamin D3.  The best part about summer is not only the sun but also the health benefits that can be gained from 20 minutes daily of sunlight. When a person is outside the sun hits the skin, and is transformed into Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is needed to take Calcium into the bones. It acts like a vacuum, helping to take Calcium from the blood stream into the bones. So not only does Vitamin D3 help with energy and mood but also with bone health! To soak up this free vitamin, spend 20 minutes a day in the sun with 80% of the body exposed (remember not to over-do it!)

Decrease Tension. Having a headache or neck tension can make summer time less fun than it should be. Getting specific scientific chiropractic adjustments can decrease headaches and tension lead to a rockin’-fun summer! Many patients under chiropractic care mention that not only do they have less tension but they also sleep better. Find an office today to get checked out!

Workout. As little as 10 minutes of exercise a day can get you into swimming suit shape to be able to enjoy the pool, lake or floating the river. Most of the exercise programs are switching over to shorter, high intensity workouts that throws the body into a fat-burning mode. Pick 1 to 5 exercises and go as hard as possible for 20 seconds. Rest for 20 Seconds. Repeat for 10 minutes and for the next 24- 36 hours enjoy the benefits of being a fat-burning machine.

Drink Plenty of Water. Most daytime fatigue comes from lack of water – especially in the heat of summer. It is extremely important not to forget to drink water to stay hydrated. It is best to drink clean water, free of chemicals and unwanted particles found in tap water. Drink filtered water for optimum energy and a fun summer.

Eat Fruit. Most fruit is in season in the summer – take advantage of this. Fruit is water rich and full of great vitamins/minerals to help bust the winter blues in to the bright summer. The best fruits to choose are the ones with the most color. Fun colors = fun summer!

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