Water: Why It Should Be Your Beverage of Choice

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My mom’s voice on the phone was tinged with panic. “Your dad is down.”

After confirming with her that my dad was conscious and breathing, I rushed over to their home.

My dad is 74 years old. Periodically he has had health issues: kidney stones and vertigo. It seems about every 3 months or so he gets hit with one or the other. This time it was vertigo so bad he was nauseated and could not stand or sit up. I found him lying on the floor, his eyes closed. After a short and typically goofy conversation I figured he wasn’t in a life-threatening situation but obviously needed some relief.

drink-more-water-poster-design_zyQeVN_dPulling from my bag of homeopathic “hocus pocus” (as he calls it), I applied some suggested essential oils. Once those were absorbed I put a small medical magnetic patch behind each ear. Then I started my lecture; I can only do that when he can’t get away from me and I have a captive audience.

“How much water have you been drinking lately?” I asked.

I got the usual silly responses to avoid the answer I always got. Nearly none. I think that is common among older people. In fact, most of us do not drink adequate amounts of water. Studies have shown that many health issues can be affected by the amount of water we drink, or don’t drink. Some of these include:

  • Back pain
  • Joint inflammation
  • Headaches
  • Weight issues
  • Dry eye
  • Kidney problems
  • Vertigo
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth and throat

Many of these “issues” are symptoms of dehydration. The problem is most of us don’t recognize them as that.  So why don’t we drink enough water? The main reason is it just tastes gross. Most municipal water sources are treated with chemicals like chlorine that kill off potentially harmful bacteria that may enter our water systems. But it’s not tasty. Then others add some controversial chemicals such as flouride. Bottom line is these additives effect the taste and sometimes the quality of our water.

If taste is what is holding you back from drinking your water then I recommend a quality in-home water filter. There are a multitude of options available, so do your research. Look for a filter that is either a counter top one or an under-sink option. Ideally it will remove 99% of the nasty stuff found in water, including chlorine and flouride. What you will find is that while there are many filters that do this, they also remove the healthy minerals found in water that we actually need.  Reverse osmosis filters are a good example of this process. To remedy that, make sure the filter replaces those good minerals. I suggest looking into the Nikken brand “Waterfall” filter. It meets all of those criteria and has a relatively small footprint.

What else can you do to make water more palatable? Simply add lemon, lime or cucumber slices -organic Lemon Slices in Waterand washed thoroughly, of course- or a drop or two of essential oils or juice.

How much water should you drink on a daily basis? Follow this formula and you will be right on target: divide your weight in half. That number is the amount in ounces you should drink at a minimum each day. For example, if you weigh 120 pounds divide by 2 and that equals 60. So your minimum water intake should be 60 ounces per day. If you work outdoors, exercise or have been ill I suggest adding 8-12 ounces to that goal.

Set a goal today to increase the amount of water you drink until you hit that mark. The benefits include increased energy, better cardiovascular  health and faster recovery from illness.

So drink up. Cheers!


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