Fortune Cookie Day – Free Printable to Continue Good Karma

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Fortune Cookies and Freedom!

Shannon Christensen

In celebration of Fortune Cookie Day, at the bottom of this page is a free download to tell someone about their good karma.

Opening a fortune cookie and reading the fortune first is poor etiquette. By consuming the cookie in advance, it commits one to the secret declaration.

Not many are aware of the little wafer’s rituals. If research is right, fortune cookies were of Japanese origin used in shrines and temples as random predictions that were sometimes paid for with small change. Time passed and they were claimed by the Chinese to cater to Americans. The Chinese don’t even serve them in their country. For some, the fortunes take on a dark side of divination. But, with many things American, the intentions have morphed into harmless amusement and not an unholy experience.

American’s have a fascination with fortune cookies. We even have a National Fortune Cookie Day on July 20th. Our enchantment likely flows from the possibilities the predicted fortunes bring. The cookie has no preconceived concept or selection of its receiver. No constraints. No limitations. A little piece of paper makes a declaration to be or do anything. It’s a personal, petite present, opened with the simplest of actions.

With a snap and childlike anticipation, there are now unrestrained possibilities. Fortunes are adult playtime with the future. Using this tradition, here is a clever takeout box full of words of wisdom. Use the idea for different occasions, and to pass on glimmers of prospects.

Included in this kit:

  • box pattern seen in photos
  • visual with step-by-step instructions for box assembly(if one for purchase is not available)
  • printed template for the printed box
  • tags
  • fortunes like “one who give greatly loses little…humility is counted in the acts of kindness, not the strokes of ego.”

Don’t fuss with filling cookies,  just download, print, cut, box, and share.

Click on this link to download your free Good Fortune Kit – Fortune Cookie Box and Fortunes Template (3111)

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  1. What a fun idea! Thanks for the free link!

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