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Let’s talk, one adult to another. Everyone knows that Halloween is a holiday for kids and kid stuff. It’s all about dressing up in cute costumes and going door to door for candy. And it’s always been that way.


halloween_110006747-012814-intWell,  maybe. If you’re a parent, maybe Halloween really is all about getting your kids outfitted and getting them out to trick-or-treat, or to a friend’s house, or to a community event. But if you’re not taking care of the kiddies, what are you up to? If this article on NPR.org is any indication, the stats say you might put on a costume yourself! Retailers expect that about 75 million adults will buy costumes this year–75 million! But even if you’re not getting dressed up like Elsa from Frozen or Daenerys from Game of Thrones, you could be part of the 20% of adults that are headed to a haunted house. Not just for kids, huh?

It turns out that Halloween, even since it began in the U.S., was never just a kids’ holiday. When the traditions first made their emergence over here they were the basic dress-up, games and harmless pranks that you’d expect. But when the Great Depression hit things got rough, including vandalism. Slowly but surely over the years, the rabble-rousers calmed down, promising to limit their trouble-making so long as they got something in return. Trick-or-treat, anyone?

What really keeps the Halloween spirit alive for adults, though, is the partying. What adult doesn’t want an excuse to dress up for the night , take on a new personality and play silly games? Even before the 20th century began, adults were having Halloween parties–any excuse to dance and drink on All Hallow’s Eve.

Are you curious about what people are going to be dressing as this year? Take a look at what each state Googled most this year in the hunt for the perfect costume (courtesy of this article at the Huffington Post). Apparently Washington is only concerned with spider costumes for our dogs–who knew!



So, as one adult to another, I can tell you that if you decide to put on a costume this year (whether it’s a zombie, a minion from Despicable Me, or Catwoman) you will not be alone. You should embrace your inner child, eat an extra candy bar or two, and celebrate the special holiday where even adults get to be a little weird.

-Rachel Seamount

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