Sore Free, Sexy Feet

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Sore Free Sexy Feet

Dr Yvonne Fedewa

No woman should be told to give up her party pumps. It’s what to wear on girls night, it catches the beefy guys eye, and it’s a style statement at work. Maintaining the body weight when a woman strikes a pose is another challenge altogether. Holding the feet in a poise incline over several hours can create numbing, pain on the balls of the feet, and sore ankles. Take note, according to Dr Yvonne Fedewa, an Idaho chiropractor with two Treasure Valley offices, there is a way to have pain free sexy feet if you can’t give up the pump. While those 10-inch mountain peaks might not be a fit, women can give their feet their best care using these recovery methods.

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Ankle strength: Some ankle rotations can build strength to strut; however, ankle adjustments can give an added edge. In some chiropractic office, as many as half of adjustments include ankle alignment. According to Dr.  Yvonne, “When the foot is angled in heels it puts pressure on the top of the foot squeezing the toes.” This causes numbness, tingling, and pain. Weekly visits to your local chiropractor can take breathe life into the feet to go the distance.

Sexy healthy shoes: There are shoes that are sexy and great for the feet. These shoes support the foot and make ankle sprains less common while adding a heel in a sexy style. These are great for when one wants to look sexy all day long without the added pain at the end of the day. Dansko heels are a favorite brand of Macy’s employees for this very reason. Try a pair. It wont  be a mistake.

Cushion: Adding a cushion to the heels will help protect the ligaments in the foot and make the step lighter. It will also help decrease nasty rubbing that causes blisters when strutting all day long. Dr. Scholls is a genius at standard insoles for the average foot. Some feet may need a more advanced form of insole provided by a local chiropractor.

Massage cream: A warm/cooling sensation on the feet at the end of a heel-wearing day is a wonderful feeling. Doterra has just the tip for this. Deep Blue rub is 100% natural, good for the feet and helps relieve achy muscles and joints in the feet. Be a step ahead of the group and try rubbing Doterra Deep Blue Rub on the feet before the day starts to relieve the sore spots before they even start!

Therapeutic Pedicures: It is important that feet are well taken care of since they are what gets us from the car to the restaurant. A great way to add that extra stride in foot health is with Foot Reflexology. There are parts on your feet that connect to the whole body. Having sore feet can literally cause problems in other parts of the body. This can be avoided with therapeutic foot reflexology. Call a local spa for a foot soak and pedicure that feet love.

Applying these tips at the end of the day can help move a woman in the right direction.

1.  Chiropractic ankle adjustments in Boise and Meridian.

2. Dansko heels

3.  Insoles

4. Deep blue rub Doterra

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  1. Ladies, I like the shoes, and I love you wearing these shoes. And if your feet hurt afterwords, I have just the thing to help you. It’s called nestoiter-gravity on Amazon. The black bar does wonders for tired feet.

  2. The lengths we women go through are great! lol…We love our sexy shoes! Thanks for the great tips Dr. Yvonne!

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