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Cleaning up the toxins
can feel like an overwhelming task not worth the effort of ignorance,
but Dr Yvonne drives a straight line to 5 toxins and 5 remedies!!
Top 5 Toxins in our body
1.  Neurotoxins (Heavy Metals: Silver dental fillings)
2.  Bio-toxins (mold, Lyme)
3.  Pesticides (on fruits/veggies)
4.  Dioxins (from eating commercial animal fats)
5.  Cleaners (household, dry-cleaning)
There are some safe simple ways to do a detox. One thing is cutting out those top 5. Sometimes that is not enough so a few simple things can help.
1.  Drink half our weight in ounces of clean pure water a day.
2.  Add lemon to your water. Lemon turns the water alkaline.
3.  Pick up some Detox Tea. (Yogi Brand is good.)
4.  Get a massage. (Helps release toxins. YAY!)
5.  Get an chiropractic adjustment (helps our body to deal with toxins already inside)
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3 Responses to Toxic Health – Dr Yvonne

  1. Dr Yvonne says:

    Anyone drink half your weight in water today??

    • About once a week I make it a point to drink about that much water and I always feel great – then I wonder why I don’t do it everyday! Whenever I feel tired the first thing I do is drink 16 oz of water and that does the trick. Also, when I’m hungry I drink 12-16 oz. so I don’t eat quite so much. And yes, when I want to have a few beers I drink water first because I don’t recover like I used to…

      Great points!
      Prof. Scott

  2. Great article! Did you know that there are 80,000-100,000 chemicals in circulation that we come in contact with and less than 1% have been tested? Detoxing is so important to a properly functioning liver.

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