The IWJ is an advocate with an open door; however, Members are those who have decided to play differently. They have taken a stand in some way to not only be part of the business community but also Support the business community. This is not an idle commitment. This requires participation, engagement, and public commitment. The membership breaks down in a couple ways:


  • Businesses who want to be public in the community (even a little).
  • Attends a minimum of 4 IWJ SNAP events annually because they believe in engaging with other businesses.

Investment: 4 meetings annually and $0 monthly

Power Player Members:

  • These are “all in” businesses. They participate, invest, support, build, and encourage business: they’re own and others.
  • They want exposure in different ways.
  • They want to be public in the community (a lot).
  • They believe in growing their business through association and investment.
  • They want to be recognized publicly.
  • They want to speak and share their business with the community.
  • They attend IWJ SNAP events annually because they want to engage and get exposure.

Investment: 4 meetings annually, speaking, one-on-one meeting to inquire, speaking publicly, $99 per month and up.

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