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Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 8.04.44 PMCharlene Bragg, 2013 IWJ Woman of Influence – Mom & Me Real Estate

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We can’t be everywhere, and you know some amazing women. This process allows you to nominate your favorite women for the IWJ 2014 Woman of Influence. It’s a pretty simple process: it’s an email of information and a $10 submission fee.

The Awards Event will be Wednesday, October 15, 2014. You can see the event details and/or purchase tickets by clicking this link


Absolutely anyone can nominate their woman of influence, and you can nominate more than one. To nominate, you can be a friend, companion, husband, peer, mentor, someone who knows them, or even yourself!


The nominee does not need to be a current IWJer. Anyone can be nominated to be the IWJ Woman of Influence, including you. The nominee must fit within the guidelines listed below. The information you share via the email application can be from their life and/or business. Here are the top three eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a woman
  • Must own 51percent or more of the business
  • Must live or have a main office in Idaho as of January 2014

The $10 submission fee is for processing the applications. The payment button is below. Put the name of the nominee in the comments section of the payment form when you submit your nominee.

Send an email with the following information provided to: with the following

(you could even cut and paste the questions from this page and paste it into an email and fill in the information).

  • Your name
  • Your email that you will respond to
  • Your nominees name
  • Their email address they will respond to
  • Their phone number
  • Their website
  • The name of the business they own
  • Do they own 51% of the listed business?
  • Do they live or have a main office in Idaho as of January 2014?
  • Three things, items, situations, events, etc that makes them a woman of influence for other women.
  • Your personal endorsement letter to their character, results, behavior, success etc that makes them a woman of influence for you.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. A refund will be made if email submission is not received within 5 business days of payment.


Isn’t it fabulous to highlight women! All women will be recognized at the event if they are present, but there will be one IWJ 2014 Woman of Influence. She will receive an IWJ gift and be on the cover of an upcoming issue of the Idaho Women’s Journal. All other women present will be listed in the same magazine issue with their name and company name. That’s 10,000 issues as a gift from you because you nominated them!

  • Because you nominated them, they will be listed in an upcoming issue (10,000 copies because of YOU).
  • The IWJ 2014 Woman of Influence will receive a cover feature in the IWJ magazine (10,000 copies on the cover).


As many as you feel deserve it. Men and women can submit names. The submission fee is $10 per submission and an email per submission. It’s a great gift to give that woman who drives ahead in her business and brings lift to you.


Click the button to pay $10 to submit your choice of the next IWJ Woman of Influence! You can submit more than one person, but they must be submitted separately.

After your submission, you will see a link to purchase tickets for this event, or you can go to the Events tab at the top of the page and purchase through that method. Of course the nominee should be present as well. Please plan to attend and applaud all the women nominated.

Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 8.49.22 PMSue Macartney, 2012 IWJ Woman of Influence, and the first for the IWJ. Your Color Image Center


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