From a marketing standpoint, it is understood women make 80-85 percent of the national buying decision so it’s no wonder the Idaho Women’s Journal is asked to review products and services from time to time. WE LOVE TO REVIEW! That said, this is how it works… any way a company needs it to, for now. One caveat, we’re not here to smash dreams so if there is a chance for a negative review, we give the owner the option before publishing. So far, that has happened to one company, and they were not in position to make any adjustments to improve results – yet. When they do and when they are, we can provide a two-sided review showing the better side of product development and care for the consumer. We love businesses always evolving to be better for their consumers.


Some recent reviews:

My Fit Foods – March 2012 – THUMBS UP!

Yes we did! My Fit Foods is new to Idaho and new in concept, and we blew this out of the water to review it. Instead of a small focus group, we took My Fit Foods to task by having about 40 people try and review this product. They brought to the IWJ meeting enough food for an army (very cool) and the women went into a scurry to try it. At 6pm in the evening, it’s nice to have people who get the whole nutrition thing. While the IWJ was concerned with digestion, they reassured me the food would be perfect because “it’s healthy and all natural.”

The IWJ tasted the Lean Lemon Turkey with rice. It was a tad spicy, but for those not excited about spice, it was far out shined by the delicious, full bodied  flavor. The company boasts the use of lean proteins, low glycemic index carbs, healthy fats, and antioxidant rich spices. You almost felt like you were no longer a woman stretched for time, but a woman who cared about herself too. The aftermath didn’t weigh us down. Women couldn’t stop talking about it two hours later.

To finish the review, a visit to the My Fit Foods location resulted in a tour, sharing a meal with a couple ladies during lunch, taking in the experience of sitting in store. There is no meal freezing. It was franchised by a man who opened several McDonald’s, Blockbuster, and a few other franchises. He knows his franchise picks and we suspect this will be another. When you go to the store, sometimes staff will invite customers to go in the back and sample fresh out of the oven food. I sampled two types of fresh out of the oven salmon. One word – Divine!

When it comes to fast food, this is an upscale option. You take from the freezer and can microwave on site. If not, consider taking these elegant meals home with you to serve for a snob-hill meal for guests or to make sure the women in gets the same high level service you give to others. We’re not kidding! Meals like salmon, beef tenderloin, stir frys, snacks like edamame, and the breakfasts cover the vast connoisseurs.  Overall, this company is a food hit for discerning women. At a time when health focus meals are rising in demand, the IWJ feels this is a perfect fit for women on the move with a love for the finer foods.

We loved them so much, My Fit Foods was appointed the 2012 exclusive food provider of the IWJ!


Visalis – 90-Day Challenge – March 2012 to May 2012

This is reviewing the MLM program, the quality of the products and team, and the effectiveness of the products. There are approximately 18 people using the Visalus product within the IWJ. It required us purchasing the product if we wanted to participate. It stemmed from a desire to allow women to have another source to get fit in an easy method (fixing dinners doesn’t fit in everyone’s schedule or family makeup).

Current reviewers: Sherry, Karleen, Tricia, Shaileen, Morgan, DJ, Justin, Joe, Geri, Shaunna, Bill, Fawn, B., L., Mandie, Adrianne, Tarek, Don (yes, men are coming on board!).



Basque Market – Downtown Boise – February 2012 – THUMBS UP!


A Weight Loss Product – Boise – January 2012 – THUMBS DOWN

  • This was a product review; however, based on the outcome, the company declined to be published.

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