Push Against Depression – Colleen Fletcher

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Destructive self-talk plagues women like a fungus. The quiet mantras like “I’m a failure in business…why am I even here…I’m fat…How could anyone love this…Who am I kidding…and I hate myself” leads to depression. Depression can lead to changes in mood, serious illnesses, and disease. However, if negative self-talk can create such dramatic outward reactions, then women can use the same power to counteract the silent destroyer.

To push against depression there are trained professionals like counselors and hypnotherapists who can impact change quickly through skilled techniques. Not everyone can wait and no one should wait to harness their power. Consider the following tips to take immediate action against depression. The list is intended to be a guide and not a replacement for specialized assistance.

Tips to improve your depression, right now.

  1. Find Something You Love To Do – Like reading, sewing, canning, writing, scrap booking. When you have something you like to do, you become fully engrossed.  This allows your mind to be focused on something outside negative thoughts. It feels good to be productive in something you enjoy.
  2. Breath – Deep abdominal breathing opens your lungs allowing more oxygen to be brought into your body. This will allow your muscles to relax and feel at ease. Relaxed muscles bring about a better feeling in the body, and a body that feels better physically will be happier and ready to engage more fully in life.
  3. Trust In Your Decisions/Trust Yourself –   Have strength and integrity in yourself and your decisions.  Saying to yourself or out loud, “I like the shirt I sewed today,”  or “I reach decisions quickly and with confidence,” has a major impact on your self-reliance.  Trust in yourself thrusts depression aside.
  4. Gives Thanks Every Day – Thanking yourself and your life affirms and compounds the good you feel.  The more you feel positive and thankful, the more it becomes your reality.
  5. Affirmations Every Day – Positively affirm who you are.  By something as simple as saying, “I believe in myself…I have value…I trust my decisions” can be empowering affirmations. On a daily basis you get the joy of saying, believing and knowing the valuable person you are.
  6. Take Things Slowly –  A slow gradual “feeling better” is better than a quick fix that soon crumbles away.  Think “I am taking baby steps to the person I see in my dreams.”
  7. Keep a List of “I Feel Good About Me’s” –  Something you can refer back to when you are feeling a little down and a pick me up needed. Choose something that makes you smile;      it can be a photo, the memory of a childhood dog, the day your kids were born, even something small like a pretty ribbon.

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  1. Harry McManus says:

    Sad but true. Depression is one of those things that many identify with and many don’t. It’s those who do relate to depression that need the tools to help them through the tough times. See the movie Requiem for a Dream it is very disturbing but real in its presentation of how things can get out of control.

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