Ruth Melichar Bird Center

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4-5 week-old baby raccoons

pre-fledgling Flicker

April is “baby bird” month and the Ruth Melichar Bird Center will be busy.

The Ruth Melichar Bird Center is Animals In Distress Association’s (AIDA) avian facility and provides care for injured or orphaned birds. The center is located at 4650 North 36th Way, Boise, just ½ mile north of Hill Road.

Mady Rothchild, President and a founding member of AIDA, says taking care of baby birds is very intense, requiring constant warmth and feedings every 15 minutes for 12 hours a day. Normally, the Center has 100-200 birds at any given time during the warm weather months. The facility has 5 outside aviaries, takes care of 2500 birds and water fowl annually, and releases 70% of the birds it receives back into the wild.

If you find an orphaned or injured bird or small animal, put it into a cardboard box, cover it, and put it in a warm, quiet, dark place in your home. Immediately call AIDA’s hotline (208) 367-1026 for further instructions.

Volunteer are needed at the Ruth Melichar Bird Center to hand-feed juveniles, hose down and clean aviaries, cages and grounds. Call 208-338-0897

baby skunks

juvenile fox

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