You Are Brilliant

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Yes you are! We all possess a brilliance and magnificence that is unique to only us. There truly is not one other person who has lived, is living or ever will live that is exactly like you with your set of gifts, talents, personality and yes, BRILLIANCE!  Women tend to compare and judge themselves relentlessly against other women. Stop it! You can and MUST be yourself. There are four areas in your life that you must be aligned with in order to “let your light shine”. They are Personal Power, Purpose, Passion and Prosperity. Let’s talk about Personal Power. Do you know how to stand firmly and confidently in your power? Do you know how to express your unique divine feminine power? It takes courage to stand in your divine feminine power and be the woman you were meant to be. You can start by taking stock of your gifts, talents and skills. Acknowledge the amazing woman you are, stand powerfully in that knowledge and share freely of those gifts. You ARE brilliant and the world needs your beautiful light! Let it shine!

RossAnne Gibson & Annette Mease

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